Personalized cryptocurrency monitoring dashboard.

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Monitoring allows you to explore cryptocurrencies and monitor the cryptocurrencies that you are interested in. Different types of graphs within a variety of time spans gives you an insight in the current and historical trends.

100+ Cryptocurrencies

Next to Bitcoin of wide range of cryptocurrencies are supported. In the Top 100 you can see the supported cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization. We keep expanding the list of supported currencies. All prices on are averages.

Free! is a free to use platform! There are no costs involved into getting started. Just register with your email address or sign in with your Google account and you're all set. Also, there are no annoying advertisements!


With you can create your own dashboard. Add the items on your dashboard that you want and just simply drag them in whatever order you want.

Easy to use is designed in such way that it is simple to use. The clean and intuitive design allows for a better user experience.

Anytime anywhere

You can use on your computer, tablet or phone. The responsive design makes sure your dashboards looks good on all your devices.

Keep track of the cryptocurrencies that you are interested in.

Line charts

Candlestick charts

Volume charts

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