Frequently asked questions


Yes! is free to use.
We use a variety of sources to retrieve data from. Most data is retrieved from a wide variety of cryptocurrency exchanges. In some cases we use data from CryptoCompare and CoinMarketCap, respectively.
No. is a monitoring platform, you can not trade cryptocurrencies here.
We currently support at least the top 100 cryptocurrencies (ordered by market cap.). Visit the Top 100 to check these out. We will continuously add more and more cryptocurrencies.


When you registered using a wrong email address you can do two things:
  1. Simply create a new account with the correct email address.
  2. Contact us and request to have your email address changed. This only works when you do not use the Google authentication.
The second option can also be used when you just want to change your email address.
Do you get the following message when you sign in: 'Invalid email address and/or password.' while you do have an account under that email address? It could be that your account is authenticated with Google instead of MyCap (Gmail accounts only). Press the 'Google' tab on the sign in page and try to sign in again. Please contact us if you still can't sign in.
How to delete your account: Sign in, go to contact and request to delete your account. We then will delete your account. Note that this is an irreversible action.


Question not answered?

Is your question still not answered? Please feel free to contact us!
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